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you know what’s fucked up? i was all happy and ready to start reading issues from marvel’s civil war storyline but my collection ain’t complete and i don’t wanna download digital comics to complete it. i started with the amazing spider-man #529 and on the first page of #530 is when i find out i can’t continue without reading the new avengers illuminati special; an issue i used to have but don’t any longer thanks to an incident last year. not that my collection was complete to begin with but i at least had what i needed to get started. incident aside, i got some of what i needed from an online comic book sale last year on where issues were 60% off (and before that, years ago at a megacon). the biggest discount so far this year from them has only been 40% off. so do i wait for a bigger sale, pay a higher price at a comic shop, or download? how totally ironic it is that the spider-man issue i started with is a compilation called ‘decisions.’

i don’t recall mentioning in any previous post that my hard drive crashed but it did a few weeks ago: a seagate barracuda. nothing major was lost because i have a secondary storage drive and used an older hard drive (a 10-year old seagate that still works like new) to reinstall my operating system. when i find the right cloud storage service, i’ll have a backup for a backup. when i fix the busted hard drive, it’ll serve as an additional backup. the lesson learned here is to not store files on the same drive as the one your OS is installed on and to backup everything on a regular basis and everything means everything! browser bookmarks, tweets, facebook posts, email, websites, contacts, you name it. that makes it so much easier to do a restore and you’ll know with confidence that your digital life is backed up safely, securely, and up to date. i’ve gone as far as doing full image backups of my OS. getting back to functionality was a pain and it didn’t have to be. backup your shit. all of it!

i tried boston market’s new tuscan chicken. not bad but it has a little kick to it as in it’s a tad spicy and spicy foods don’t agree with me. i’d make an exception in this case by trying the chicken again. it wasn’t overly spicy and the other flavors were good enough to overpower the peppers.

on the tv front, i watched zero hour, the whole episode, hoping that they’d reveal a little more of the plot but they never did. it came across like a tv-quality version of the national treasure movies with a religious spin. i won’t be watching anymore episodes of that. they want me to invest my time in the series, they gotta give me more than just a critic’s blurb that it’ll be worth it in the end. if it ain’t worth it in the beginning, fuck the end. i watched the second episode of do no harm and it was good enough to add it to my regular schedule but it’s already been canceled. that sucks. it wasn’t bad. at least not to me. i ain’t crying over it, though. i’ve lost a lot of much higher-quality shows already in less than a few months. young justice is the last great show left. they’re just burning off what’s left of it now.

for those that have constantly teased and talked shit about the state of the paint job on my pedicab, i’ll have you know i’m in the process of giving it a makeover. it’ll be a slow process because paint has to dry and there’s only so much time in a day but the long awaited paint job is already underway. so you can all shut the fuck up now.

there’s one thing that’s puzzled me for years now: what the hell happened to my sega genesis console? the one i had was in mint condition and worked like a charm but whatever happened to it, my memory just doesn’t recall. i already knew about emulators and could easily play games on my PC and even stream the video to my tv if i wanted to but that’s not what i wanted to do. it dawned on me that i could use my phone to play games for when i’m in a state of boredom waiting for a movie to start or at an auto repair shop or during an intermission at a show.

last night, i installed androgens and ‘download all files’ from the google play store so that my phone would download and then play roms with no problems. i have a physical keyboard on my phone and that helps with gameplay. i can even assign keys and save games at a point in time. it worked like a charm for the most part. just don’t have too many things running in the background sucking up memory and you’ll be fine. i played sonic the hedgehog 1, a game i’ve beaten time and time again, just to test things out and i’m impressed. yet another reason why i’ll never settle for a virtual keyboard! now, i just gotta find a revenge of shinobi rom because of all the games i had, that’s the only one i never beat.

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