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a few weeks back my directv dvr crapped out on me after a few years of service. no matter what electronic manufacturers profess, these things aren’t made to last and it’s by design to make you a repeat customer at some point in the future. my only electronic possessions that have lasted the test of time are a sony crt computer monitor and a vcr. the monitor is basically a big, heavy paperweight and the vcr sits and collects dust (albeit with a dustcover on it) but very occasionally i’ll pop in some old porn tapes and it’ll be just like old times. it’s fucked up that old tech outlasts new tech. i’ve always said that tech is moving faster than we can adapt to it. there’s always something new before we even have the chance to get used to what just came out. we need to slow that shit down, let consumers learn how to use what’s here now, let certain standards get set into place, and THEN come out with the next big thing. an announcement is one thing. putting shit on the market is another. i’ve never been an early adopter and never will be because new tech simply isn’t very reliable.

directv tried to upgrade me for free to a whole-home dvr setup, their new genie dvr, and a new satellite dish that works with the genie but that meant a new 2-year contract. that meant an automatic pass from me (as in “no thanks”) and i opted for a simple dvr replacement instead. cost me 22 bucks. why the fuck do i gotta pay for shipping? or anything else for that matter? i thought it was bullshit. they said they don’t have it setup yet where local techs can just come and swap out equipment. that’d be the better solution, wouldn’t it? but businesses just have to make simple things difficult. there was no way to recover the shows i had on the dvr, either. luckily, they were nothing of major importance. just some motorweek episodes and a documentary. other stuff, i just downloaded.

a few things i suggested to them during setup of my replacement dvr would be a cloud storage type of system that syncs what’s on an internet connected dvr to the cloud in case things like this happen. it would’ve been nice to have my dvr settings synced to my account so i wouldn’t have to go in and redo everything manually, like setting my record options and favorite channels. logging into my account online and pressing a button would do the trick. with the cloud system, account holders would be able to truly watch what’s on their dvr anywhere on anything. directv isn’t there yet but something i discovered during the short time that i didn’t have the dvr was by having an account, i could sign in to tv network online sites and stream channels live or watch shows. i thought that was great. if that becomes the norm, it’d make sense to downgrade my subscription and save money every month. a reason given to me as to why the cloud storage of shows hasn’t hit yet is because networks want to curb piracy. they don’t realize that they’re PROMOTING piracy by not making the option available. they just don’t get it, do they?

with boss’ cancellation, i wasn’t happy. with drop dead diva being announced as cancelled, that upsets me even more. now there are rumblings that tron: uprising will be all but cancelled after this first season wraps up. young justice is in the same boat. what the hell, man, all the good shows are getting canned? it’s bullshit. and you know what the inevitable replacement is gonna be: reality tv or something of lesser quality. good, smart shows are as rare as…new electronics that last more than a few years! I watched banshee but it was too much like justified with the small town feel. that means i didn’t watch it past the first episode. the fringe finale was too dramatic and not as action-packed or thrilling as I’d have preferred but i’ll take it for what it is. at least it got a finale. what I wanted in those final minutes was for walter to appear in the park, making his return from the past, where we know the invaders showed up instead. that would’ve been a much more satisfying ending than the white tulip. the following has proven to be good enough to keep watching for now although it could do without the jump scares. we can all thank kevin williamson for that unnecessary and unwelcome addition to the series. the real husbands of hollywood is funny so it’s a regular for me now. the americans, i just wasn’t digging it and deleted it after about 20 minutes. do no harm, we’ll see what the second episode delivers. and i’m still watching luther. it passed the second episode test.

wouldn’t you know it that i wrote an article about how i don’t like coffee, racetrac in particular, and they sent me some free coffee coupons. it was during their free coffee week that i stopped by to grab one; the second coffee i ever drank in my entire life. not that their brand of coffee wasn’t good (or bad), i just wasn’t a fan of coffee period. it just happened to be theirs that i tried since it was free. i also tried dunkin donuts’ iced dark roast a little while back for free (with a coupon) and didn’t like that either. coffee just ain’t my thing. racetrac sent me 4 coupons, 2 of them were also good for other items in addition to the coffee, but they wouldn’t let me get something else that had the same value as the coffee. it had to be that or nothing. if you’re gonna send me something, send me something i can use. i’ll give props to mcdonald’s of all places because their vanilla iced coffee is pretty damn good. hot or unflavored coffee does nothing for me.

it’s the end of an era for a program that i used to use for years. i no longer use shareaza because p2p has increasingly become something i don’t need anymore thanks to bittorrent and cyberlockers. it used to be the go-to place for video, audio, programs, and even viruses in the early years but i know when it’s time to uninstall something. i’ll miss ya, shareaza. not really but thanks to the team for years of good service. imagine a series like tron but with real programs like this one. that’d be awesome.

i finished the king of thorn manga and the ending was like an episode of avengers: earth’s mightiest heroes. somehow, someway, the good guys won it all with no real loss like the finale of avatar: the last airbender. all that good buildup and that’s what i get for investing my time. a predictable ending. that sucks. it’s only the second manga i’ve ever read in full. akira is the first and i have those physical books. king of thorn, i read the scanlated version on my phone. the movie and manga are almost completely different. they should’ve made the manga into an anime. the scale and length would’ve been better presented in a serial instead of a movie that leaves out so much of what makes the manga interesting. can’t say i wouldn’t recommend reading it but you already know how it’s gonna end: like episodes from the 2003 TMNT cartoon. the impression of predictability begins as you read those final chapters. good stuff but a disappointing ending. next up for me on the comic book reading front is marvel’s civil war. oh yeah, I really am that far behind.

i’ve posted pics and written about the destination parkway extension many times and now the road, which bridges over shingle creek, is finally open. it’s not completely done but it’s drivable. my complaint about it is that the sidewalk is too narrow and there’s no bike lane or shoulders. if you’re gonna build something, dammit, build it right. with the road being open now, that cuts down tremendously on certain trips that i make when running errands. it provides options and right now, the traffic flow on it is little to none. how that’s gonna change when word gets out about it being open, i have no idea. still, i’m glad it’s there.

had a recent bout of food poisoning earlier this week. i ate some broccoli salad from target. after a few bites, i was feeling nauseous. next thing i know, i’m puking for the first time in many, many years. it wasn’t a major upchuck fest but i wasn’t thrilled about it because i ate some good pasta before eating the salad and i threw up some of the pasta. i bet you’ve never heard of a picky puker before, have you? well, now you have! when i eat some good food, i wanna shit it out, not throw it up. no more target broccoli salad for me. what’s really fucked up is that it tasted and smelled so damn good. whatever caused it to not agree with me doesn’t matter. i ain’t fuckin’ wit it again. i learn my lessons quick.

where batman: the dark knight returns part 1 animated movie was only okay, part 2 really delivered. it was very entertaining to watch. doesn’t matter if you’ve read the comics or not, they did a good job with the adaptation. the joker was like john travolta in the face/off movie. i definitely recommend watching it. i’ll always prefer something totally new over an adaptation but they did this one right. go check it out.

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