Another day trip to the Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins NFL football game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL on 12/23/2012.

Sun Life Stadium exterior.

This year would be my 4th annual trip to Miami to see my Bills play the Fins (you can read about the other ones by clicking here). I contemplated whether to stay overnight in a hotel or condo but ultimately opted to make a day trip of it. I like to keep things fresh so I traveled a different route from prior years to get to the stadium; a route I never traveled before so I can see parts of my home state that I’ve never seen before. A lot of people like to travel abroad but I like to explore my own backyard as much as possible. The planning for this trip began many months ago. The very first step is to have a ticket, right? I routinely checked my usual sites for a good deal and only about a month ago did some acceptable seats at the right price become available. I wanted to sit in the lower bowl on the sidelines. I knew a ticket in those areas wouldn’t be cheap but surprisingly a few were affordable.

The problem was that I waited to buy a ticket, thinking the price would come down even further as it usually does when game day approaches. The tickets ended up selling instead and I was ass out on the two deals that I found. I’m not the type to give up hope and another deal came up on eBay. Lower bowl, 25-yard line, 2nd row. It was an auction. It’s an extremely rare occasion that I’ll bid on something but there were only a few hours left in the auction and the bid price was low enough to entice me and there weren’t many bidders, either. A few hours later, I got an email telling me I won. I was ecstatic to get that type of seat for the dirt cheap price that I paid considering the face value of the ticket. This one was better and cheaper than the other ones I was gonna buy so I really felt like a winner.

I don’t get carried away until I have my shit in my hands and even then I still don’t jump the gun with excitement until I’ve used what I paid for. In this case, it was truly a done deal once they let me inside the stadium with the ticket. I got it as promised via USPS and the next step was to plan my route. I refuse to pay expensive ass Turnpike tolls. There’s nothing new to see along the interstate. There was really only one route left that I hadn’t traveled before and that was Peavine Trail. I left early Sunday morning to give myself enough time to enjoy the scenery along the roads and get to the stadium in time. I texted myself the route via Google Maps but upon closer inspection, I’d only be able to take a small portion of the trail instead of the whole thing because on the map I saw a gate. Dammit!

The gate I’m referring to is the one where Peavine ends at State Road 60. I had to alter my route and ended up seeing more of what I had already seen but it was still fun to travel some new roads if only for a little while. The beginning part of Peavine is just a short gravel road. No one lives along it. Nothing but trees and swamp surrounding it. I was the only person out there so it does provide some quaint moments since it’s a road very seldom traveled. There is one huge pothole on it so be on the lookout for that. You don’t wanna be callin’ AAA with those directions, especially at night. Before getting on Peavine is like going into old Florida. Lots of ranches and old homes with large properties. I did see some new things like wild turkeys on the main road and a family of deer crossing the trail. Wouldn’t you know it that they’d cross when a car is approaching. Lucky for them I wasn’t speeding (I wouldn’t recommend it on that type of road surface).

Peavine Trail.

I saw some Sandhill Cranes on the trail. No gators, snakes, bears, or other types of reptiles or large creatures. If you like the outdoors with no people around then you should explore the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park which has driving trails. It’s where I wanted to cross through but that gate put an end to my adventure. There are parks, walking trails, and an airboat attraction along Canoe Creek Road which is the main drag that I took leaving Orlando. Maybe next year I’ll call the state park ahead of time so they can leave the door open for me.

At the stadium, I parked in the same spot I did last year and it was totally free, not far to walk, and no threat of towing. Other people did the same thing. In particular, a hot chick and her friend followed my lead. I didn’t see them when I walked to the stadium but I did see them while waiting in the security check line and they saw me. One of them had much bigger tits than the other. She passed me by and gave me a big boob rub on my arm. It was pretty much the equivalent of me grabbing them with my hands. Oh yeah, that shit felt great. And they were real. They continued on to wherever they were going, probably to a shorter line, and I never saw them again but I do appreciate the recognition. If only all women showed a fleeting interest in the same way. Some do, actually.

That wasn’t the first boob rub in my life and probably won’t be the last and they’re very welcome when the tits are real, the chick is hot, and it’s not by accident. It’s not every time that you get to see who rubbed you. You’ve never been boob rubbed? I’ll bet you have and don’t even know it. You just weren’t paying attention. It applies to both men and women. It’s a tactic women use to tease, show interest, or get attention. It’s a form of saying hello without actually uttering the words. Other times, it truly is by accident so don’t look too far into it. You’ll know the difference when it happens. Like, a slight, passing rub is different from full-on pressing of the boobs into you like this chick did to me at the game where she took the time, about a whole second, to let me know what she was doing and who was doing it. Now a dick rub, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that shit. I’ve never done and don’t currently do that but the same way a breast can be used for non-verbal communication, I’m sure a penis can, too.

Sun Life Stadium interior.

Sun Life Stadium always has high security. You empty your pockets going in. Then you get scanned. Once in, you can very clearly see the high police presence. There’s a reason for it that I’ll talk about later. In the past, they gave away souvenirs when you entered. This time, the only thing they gave away were useless Burger King coupons at the end of the game (not one coupon was for anything free). During the game, they were giving away all kinds of good shit to different rows, seats, and sections. I didn’t win a damn thing and they were giving away vacations, high-value gift certificates, and tickets to shows. I don’t recall them ever going big like that before. But that’s okay. For the first time ever, I was sitting in the lower bowl. The ticket got me in. NOW I could celebrate (and leave positive feedback for the seller when I got back home).

I never noticed before but the seats in that stadium are kinda cramped and don’t have padding so I was slightly uncomfortable. I could live with that because I had a great view of the game. My ideal seats would be on the 50-yard line, lower bowl, higher rows. That way you could see everything without having to twist your neck and body or view the game on the scoreboard. Next year, I might go for an endzone seat behind the uprights. One good thing about my seat was getting to see the cheerleaders up close and personal. Sitting in the upper bowl, you only get to see their faces on the scoreboard. You might get a little wood seeing that many scantily clad smokin’ hot chicks practically right in front of you. Some are definitely hotter than others.

Miami dolphins mascot Air T.D.

There were some decent women at the game but for the most part, they either all looked the same or didn’t stand out. Other than boob rub girl, there weren’t many memorable females other than some in the Ford Sideline Club (a fan section on the field) that were inappropriately dressed for a football game. Hoes ain’t hard to spot. It’s like going to a downtown area for clubbing or bar-hopping on a 40 degree night and you see chicks wearing heels and mini-skirts. Yep, them be the hoes. I got love for my team but the fumbles, penalties, and that last minute interception were embarrassing to watch. We can do better but I think it’s time for a coaching staff change. The talent is there on the field but the defense ain’t up to speed. And when they fail, the offense fails. Everything falls apart. WE CAN DO BETTER!

It’s always a fun time at the stadium. They keep you entertained one way or another but I go there to see my team win. There were other Bills fans there and the rivalry is still as contested as back in the 90’s. Lots of shit talkin’. Ain’t no love between Bills and Dolphins fans. The stadium was half empty. Every year I’ve been there, attendance has steadily declined so they gotta do something to get the fans back in the stands. Winning is one thing. Team loyalty is another. Buffalo sucks real bad but the fans back them up no matter what. Miami can’t say that and it’s very clear from the amount of orange seats that had no one sitting in them.

Let’s talk about the cops that I mentioned earlier. The stadium is pretty gung-ho about reporting unruly fans. As for cell coverage, I have Sprint and mine was non-existent. No 3G or 4G. I couldn’t report shit via text if I wanted to. And if they have free wireless (my phone detected some open networks), they wouldn’t connect. In the upper bowl, there was some commotion that actually delayed the game. Fans were fighting and popcorn and sodas were being thrown (to the benefit of the concession stands and employees who clean the stadium who can retain employment), likely along with some fists. I got my camera out too late to record it all but I got some of it. Could’ve been better footage but the guy sitting next to me couldn’t stay seated in one position. I hate when that happens. I could’ve just stood up but I didn’t wanna block shit for the people behind me. I was respectful like that but in retrospect, fuck that shit next time.

What I know I need is a more capable camera with a higher optical zoom. I’ve been in the market for a new one for about a year or two but nothing has come along to make me wanna spend my dough. Therefore, I couldn’t zoom in as far as I wanted to. The cops made their way to the fight and I have to assume it was alcohol related because as you can see in the video, a chick got hemmed up first and then a guy threw himself into the mix. It appeared that it squashed itself but some people just don’t know how to have a good time without drinking or acting stupid. Things went on for a couple of minutes before the cops showed up. The players and referees on the field were watching everything go down just like everyone else. Only when the cops showed up did play resume.

I suppose the boob rub and the fight were the highlights of the game. For Dolphins fans, trouncing us in sound fashion after we beat them earlier in the season was sweet revenge. The inflatable Dolphin mascot was more entertaining up close than from a distance so I had an overall great experience in my seat. As a pedicab driver, I was looking for pedicabs outside the stadium because I’ve seen them in the past but this time, I didn’t see any. At least I didn’t see any in Miami. When I got back to my car, I had to choose between going to the beach, specifically Hollywood Beach, or exploring downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I chose to explore.

I’ve already been to and stayed in Hollywood Beach but I didn’t experience it from a pedicab driver perspective. I wanted to survey the boardwalk but I’ll do that some other time. And I didn’t bring a chair or towel to sit on to relax at the beach , either. Something to remember for next time for when I’m feeling spontaneous. Pollo Tropical had billboards for their new beef TropiChops. There just happened to be one once I was near downtown Ft. Lauderdale so I hit it up with the intent of eating it somewhere along the Riverwalk. Finding a place to park for free was a pain but I finally found a good one and went out on my trek from there. I’d seen the river that cuts through downtown via online maps. I’d seen the skyline from the interstate. I’ve been to Ft. Lauderdale in the past to see ECW shows at the War Memorial Coliseum but I’d never explored any other part of the city beyond that and hadn’t returned since the glory days of 90’s pro wrestling. Man, just thinkin’ about that, those were some of the best times in my life. But anyway…

And what did I see when I first drove into the downtown area? A pedicab. That let me know they had a scene there but where that pedicab was, there were no people. Where I was, near the museum and arts district, there were plenty of people. I only saw that one pedicab and didn’t see any more after that. It was getting dark and that made the scenery around the river that much more beautiful. The condo buildings were well designed and looked prestigious. It has a vibrant marina with big yachts and river cruises (something I’ll do in the future when I return). The fountain at Bubier Park could use more benches around it, though. The first living thing to greet me when I was on foot (I was eating and walking at the same time) were some big Muscovy Ducks. They clearly weren’t scared of humans and were probably looking for a free meal but I didn’t give them a damn thing. Hunt for your food like a good wild animal is supposed to! Just like humans, always looking for a handout…

Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Riverwalk is a very romantic place but like most big cities, it does have a problem with homeless people. Not as many as in other cities I’ve been to but they were visibly there. It was a relatively clean area. Plenty of people walking around with places to go and things to do at night unlike a lot of cities I’ve been to that only cater to alcoholics and the club crowd. A main attraction seemed to be the Las Olas Riverfront but that thing had mostly vacant storefronts. The potential for it to be something great is there and maybe at one time it was but now, it’s mostly empty. If I had brought my bike with me, I would’ve been able to see everything downtown but since I was on foot, I only got to see about a third of what it had to offer. I still got to see a lot though. It’s definitely worth a return visit. Maybe I’ll have a girlfriend by then to share the experience with but I’m not rushing into any type of relationship with anyone. If it happens, it happens and I’ll be grateful to have a good woman by my side. If not, life goes on and I remain a happy, single man.

After that, I hit up the interstate to go home, and it was still pretty early in the evening, and the weather was nice and cool, but that walk apparently took some steam out of me and I went to sleep in my car at a rest area and didn’t wake back up until the sun was already up. I didn’t realize I was that damn tired. I neglected to bring a travel pillow so it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep but I still woke up refreshed. Before I hit the hay, I was in the mood for some Dunkin Donuts. I went to a 24-hour one in Jupiter but they didn’t have what I wanted. A Publix was in the same complex so I hit that up for some milk and raspberry-filled confections just before they closed.

That milk had me pissing a lot. Hell, after I parked my car when I got to the stadium, the first thing I did was hit up a gas station to empty out my bladder which hadn’t been emptied in over 5 hours. That was an Austin Powers-level bathroom break. I got to the stadium on just over a half a tank of gas which was pretty damn good but when I woke up, I had to stop somewhere to fill up to make it home. Gas in South Florida was high. Like, $3.57 high compared to home when I filled up was $3.09. Along the way in Okeechobee? $3.04. In St. Cloud on the way back home? 3 bucks even! I couldn’t make it to St. Cloud with what I had in the tank. I ended up filling up at $3.19 a gallon at a Valero station which was 10 cents cheaper than the competing gas stations around it. I hope those St. Cloud prices make it to my neighborhood. And I hope they finish construction on I-95 someday (highly doubtful).

I love to explore and I love trying new things. This trip had all of that and I make sure that all of my trips are like that. I don’t do routine. That’s boring. This was my 2nd trip to the area in about a month and I’ll be returning one more time, possibly twice, in yet another month or two. I’ve always said it’d be nice to have a condo of my own down there, likely in Sunny Isles Beach. One of these days it’ll happen. When you think big, big things can happen.

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