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i’m, like a lot of people are, still awaiting word on the status of drop dead diva (ddd) and boss. the way boss ended is like they wrapped it all up but there’s still room for at least one more season if the powers that be at starz greenlight it. i’d be disappointed if ddd doesn’t get another season and have the chance to wrap things up because last season’s cliffhanger was a pretty big deal. just like fox has stuck by fringe, i believe some shows are worth the long haul effort.

as for short haul effort, i’ve stopped watching elementary and last resort. i gave hunted, chicago fire, and 666 park avenue a shot but they weren’t good enough to keep watching. i watched all of hunted but deleted the latter two about 10 minutes in. i found out breakout kings got canceled which sucks. what didn’t suck was the season finale of transformers prime. finally, the bad guys won in a definitive fashion but we all know that won’t last long. that last episode was still pretty damn good. i just wish hub aired in high-def on directv.

an acquaintance recommended that i watch the movie atlas shrugged part 2. well, i ain’t gonna watch the second part of something without watching the first. so i did and it was tv movie quality. definitely not big screen quality or worth paying anything for. i recently attended a screening for skyfall. excluding the fucking idiots around me that kept talking throughout the movie and the dumb bitch next to me who kept checking her cell phone, it was an okay movie. if you have reservations about sam mendes directing it, you’re right on the money. it’s not action-heavy. the movie focuses more on story and rebooting the franchise by updating established characters.

this movie was released to inject some cash flow into mgm’s coffers and it’s not a bad flick. much better than that mess quantum of solace and it can’t be compared to casino royale because they’re 2 completely different types of movies. skyfall is more stylish with more dialogue. casino royale is well, a damn good action movie. not that skyfall doesn’t have action. it’s just not what drives the movie to its end. nothing innovative in that department, kinda like the bourne legacy, except for the train crashing through the ground scene. the setup for that was pretty sweet. i hopped auditoriums and saw looper right after it. great story but i think there should be an ending that shows the end result of the protagonist’s actions. end result as in scenes set in the future. you’ll know what i mean if you see it. both are worth seeing but neither is worth full price admission. in fact, looper, you can wait for that on dvd/bd. i’d hope there’s an alternate ending included.

on the anime front, gyo is another flick i recently watched after reading about it on anime news network. it’s not nearly as over the top as reviews would have you believe but it’s worth a watch. i’m still gradually finishing up blue exorcist. i only have a few episodes left to watch before i’ve seen them all. i peeped psycho-pass but didn’t like it. great concept, poor execution. what i’m most looking forward to now is hopefully a return of the deadman wonderland and a more accurate claymore anime along with the 3rd rebuild of evangelion movie which i know will be years before it’ll available. and then there’s bleach. i know, all of us non-manga fans just gotta wait that one out.

the japanese governement has some videos, produced by koo-ki, promoting their culture. the campaign is ‘tomorrow starts here.’ in those videos, the song being played is very catchy. i saw a short commercial for it on cnn, another short one online, and then i found the full-length, high-quality one and downloaded it to extract the audio because apparently the song was made just for the campaign. would be nice if they said who the artist is and what the song title is. ‘kyou kinou ashita,’ the term used most in the song, translates to ‘yesterday, today, tomorrow’ or ‘past, present, future’ in the context of the video. it’s a good j-pop song and the artist and song producer deserve some recognition.

the cbo burger from mcdonald’s? eh, nothing special. the taco bell cantina bowl? that shit tasted good. i was surprised by the flavor combinations. it’s worth the money and the portion is generous.

my last trip to winn dixie showed me why places like that seem to only hire the lowest quality people. i presented a coupon that gave me UP TO four dollars off a product that only cost close to 3 bucks. that means the cost of the product didn’t exceed the value of the coupon so all the cashier had to do was deduct the cost of the item, or remove it, from my final tally. the dumb bitch didn’t know how to do it nor did she understand what ‘up to’ meant. she called a manager over and that dumb ass didn’t either! the manager just went ahead and gave me the full four dollars off. what a bunch of fucking knuckleheads.

you think that’s all? oh no, checkers fucked up, too. i went to the drive-thru and paid with some spare change with the remaining balance to be put on a card. the cashiers (yep, it took two of them) didn’t know how to ring that up so i got close to four dollars in food for the 53 cents that i gave them because they never charged my card. the receipt said paid in full with cash. it ain’t my fault that their registers are gonna come up short. i ain’t complaining at all about getting something for free because of the stupidity of a company’s employees and management. people talk about jobs, jobs, jobs but fail to look at an important aspect of it all: the quality of the employee. these people have their jobs because they’re too dumb to get a better one. on top of that, management has to hire and train them so what it is is trickle down employment standards. if you have morons at the top then there’s no doubt the people at the bottom are gonna suck just as bad.

it shouldn’t be any surprise that idiots are working in the lowest wage jobs like grocery stores and fast food. back in the day, everyone started out there to get work experience and you moved on to higher skilled, higher wage jobs. nowadays, the people working those jobs don’t have much choice. it’s all they’re qualified for so they’re stuck because they’re not capable of doing better. one part of that is appearance. when you’re all tatted and pierced up and they’re visible, that’s gonna severely limit your opportunities and you’re immediately gonna be judged negatively at first sight in the vast majority of cases. i ain’t saying people shouldn’t get them but what i am saying is these people at the bottom need to think longer term. once you do certain things, they can’t be undone and it will affect you for the rest of your life. If you’re over 40 and still flipping burgers and you’re not in a management or supervisory position, yeah, you got problems, kid.

another situation was at a burger king. i had a coupon for a buy one whopper, get one free. i told the cashier that at the drive-thru but they tried to argue with me that i didn’t have such a coupon (i get them in the mail all the time) and that it really said buy one, get one half off. i’m thinking to myself, who the fuck are you to tell me what the hell i’m holding in my own god damn hands? and when i rolled up to the second window (not the first one, the second one) and showed it to the cashier and the manager, they shut the fuck up. didn’t even apologize. didn’t thank me for my business. didn’t greet me. they just took the coupon, made my shit, handed it to me, and that was that. it’s no wonder they’ve lost second place to wendy’s and they have the slowest drive-thru times. their service has become horrendous. who’s to blame? like i’ve already said, it’s the people at the top who are ultimately responsible.

i got frustrated with my canon pixma mp980 printer and destroyed it completely because an ink cartridge i bought online didn’t work. the printer wasn’t reading the chip. swapping old and new chips in the past was easy enough but this time, it was too much of a hassle. ink ran out too fast, cartridges were too expensive, and i was never able to set it up wirelessly. i went to wally world and got an epson xp-300 for relatively cheap and out of the box it’s worked flawlessly for my needs. most importantly, setting it up to print wirelessly was simple as hell. i had my canon for years but sometimes you gotta have that release. sorry pixma, but i believe in getting rid of the source of any stress that i may have. you were it and i’ll be recycling what’s left of you in due time. seriously, i ripped that thing to pieces with my bare hands as if i was a zombie that ate electronics.

aren’t you glad the election is over and you don’t have to deal with any of your facebook friends’ asinine political posts anymore? i’ve heard stories of long time friendships ending because of all the bullshit people were saying and posting. no doubt, based on the popular vote, that the country is still divided but hopefully lessons were learned when it comes to using social media. some opinions are better kept to yourself. for those that lost their pals, and i’m talking pals in real life, kiss and make up if you can if it’s a friendship worth saving. And don’t bring politics or religious beliefs into your conversations or activities. i know what it’s like to lose people you were tight with. i lost people for different reasons but stupid shit like who you’re voting for or why you attend this church over that one…those are subjects that can easily be avoided. if you have to talk about those things then you should have friends who are tolerant of your beliefs anyway. as i mentioned, it’s best to get rid of the source of your stress most times and if it happens to be a person, so be it. nothing wrong with doing a friendventory when the need arises.

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