pedicabbing and tv shows.

pedicabbing 2 weeks ago was a disaster. instead of sticking to events that i know i could’ve gotten paid at, i explored and tried things different. it cost me but sometimes that’s part of how things work. the come out with pride event at lake eola was big but not good from a pedicab perspective. i was the only one working it in the daytime and got very few rides. when the parade started, i was practically stuck because they had to keep the streets clear but when that parade ended, rides picked up significantly for the next 2 hours. i didn’t work a convention in the day on friday and didn’t work friday night in downtown orlando thinking saturday was gonna be gangbusters. i learned my lesson and it was a good one: stick to what works.

so i missed out on friday night and didn’t work saturday night after the exit for the parade. the fireworks at lake eola were a treat but during that time, around 9pm, it was dead enough that i wasn’t in the mood to stay downtown. i went home and got ready to work folkfest in st. pete but that was a total dud. the announced attendance for that wasn’t anywhere near what they said from what i could see. parking was practically right next door. and it was a free event. i’d like to say i made a mistake going there but st. pete is such a beautiful city, one of my passengers said it best with a comment that it felt like being on vacation. i didn’t regret going at all because i at least made enough money to cover expenses and the views in the area were very relaxing.

that whole weekend was a total wash. instead of folkfest, i should’ve worked the jacksonville jaguars game where i know i would’ve made some serious green. i made a mistake. it happens and i ain’t the only one it happens to. sometimes you try new events to see what they’re like and it doesn’t turn out the way you want. the important thing is to not get discouraged and learn from the experience. having worked 2 gay events this year, orlando and st. pete, the latter wins by a landslide. it was so much more fun to work and making good money at it helps. i looked forward to working an event where i knew i’d get paid at and the southern women’s show from last weekend was just what i needed.

i worked all 4 days, the weather was just right, there weren’t many pedicabs working it, there was very little drama, and it was fun. the core group of regular convention center pedicabbers was working it and i consider many of them my coworkers. sometimes it’s good to have a regular known face to talk to and shoot the shit. i did have to run one illegal pedicabber away. there was an argument about where to stage that was resolved. not a bad argument but a good, healthy one. that one came about when i was scooping up rides in a secondary line while drivers in the primary line weren’t getting squat. my stance is, if you see a line moving and you’re in a line that’s not, you move your ass to the one that is. can’t be that hard to figure out. the other’s stance is when there should and shouldn’t be more than one line. i don’t care about having extra lines as long as customers don’t see multiple lines when they exit. there’s more than one way to leave the convention center and as long as they see one line from wherever they exit, i’m cool. it shows uniformity and organization. if someone wants to form another one, as long as they’re only visible to the exit they’re working, i’m cool. you know how it is when something simple is blown out of proportion. the good thing is that we resolved it amongst ourselves and didn’t involve security or anyone else that works for the convention center.

compared to last year’s convention which was very busy on the weekend, this one still turned out great despite having far less cars in the parking lot. i only worked 3 days last year and those 3 days were busier and more lucrative than this year. i came to learn that the reason it was slower for everyone, not just for pedicabbers, was because of the lack of firemen at the event that bring out the horny old ladies with disposable cash. making the best of a bad situation that resulted in a very clear lower attendance for the convention, i’m very happy with the money i made. surprisingly, sunday, the last day, was my best day. firemen or not, i’ve got no complaints about my final tally.

in the past, i used to talk about all the new shows on tv that i watched and gave reasons why they were either good or sucked. from now on, i’ll only talk about the shows that are good. i’ve watched almost every new non-reality show that’s premiered this season and the only ones that’ve made the cut so far are last resort, elementary, and tmnt. last resort has to start giving more exposition to keep me watching. i didn’t expect elementary to be anywhere near as good as it was. i haven’t watched the second episode yet but i hope it’s as good as the first. tmnt was a lot better than i thought it was gonna be, too. i didn’t see how they could possibly do anything different but they’ve managed to put a lot of emphasis on the ‘teenage’ part of the name and it works.

for other shows, like so many other people, i’m super-pissed about the situation with young justice. it’s my favorite show on tv and to pull it off the air again until next january is a travesty. like someone online has said, cartoon network has screwed up with a lot of great cartoons like he-man and justice league. i’d hate to see young justice meet the same fate as those but it’s following the same pattern. cartoon network isn’t the only network that exists. nickelodeon is becoming the better option that supports quality mature-themed cartoons. if we could start getting quality related toys, now that’s another matter.

i found out that thundercats was put on hiatus. it had potential but the direction of the show just wasn’t good enough. there wasn’t a clear motivation for any of the characters or plot. it was convoluted and i’m sure that was a major contributor to its failure. if they brought it back, they have to figure out where to take these characters and find out what they want. in addition, get better voice actors. anyone who thinks this recent version of mumm-ra’s voice acting didn’t contribute to the show’s failure is an idiot. you’re following up earl hammond. get it right!

cartoon network did get one thing right: black dynamite. that show was great and much needed until the boondocks returns. when they aired the original movie and pilot back-to-back recently, i didn’t know what to expect because i started watching with the animated series. the movie was funny but that pilot, man, that’s how you do a fucking pilot! that’s how you get people to give a shit and keep watching your show. that shit was hysterical! what wasn’t funny was the tv show ‘guys with kids’ opening with guys with their babies in a damn bar of all places, drinking and picking up chicks. that’s deplorable. anthony anderson can do, and has done, so much better.

drop dead diva’s season finale was done in such a way that i’m very much looking forward to another season. deb did what basically amounts to cheating by kissing grayson. i never thought i’d see fred again. what happened to the old owen? will fred return as old jane’s guardian angel since he’s screwed up twice now or will he be permanently outcast from heaven? maybe even sent to hell! what will old jane do now that she’s back? i like how they never once showed or mentioned since the show’s been airing that old jane could view her old life from heaven. so many questions, a great cliffhanger, and i know there’ll be some good answers. drop dead diva’s quality has always been top notch for the most part.

with young justice gone, with burn notice off the air for now, with the other great shows not being around for now (minus fringe), there’s one show that has to take the title of best show on tv: boss. it’s consistently good but i’ve come to find out that the next episode may be the last due to ratings. a show this smart airing in a united states this stupid, it reminds me of what happened with flashforward. i can only hope what appears to be the last episode is written in a way that brings closure to the series and wraps everything up with no questions remaining. and there are a LOT of questions.

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